a walk through texts

"Spadina is a strange word. Say it. Spa-die-nah. Now repeat it a few times. You’ll soon wonder how we use it in conversation without pausing in curiosity. Yet we say ‘Spadina’ easily, and it means ‘Toronto’ just as much as the Ojibway word it’s derived from, Ishapadenah (the word has various spellings), which means ‘hill’ or ‘rise in the land.’ To get a perfect view of the street, climb the Baldwin Steps at Davenport, stand next to Casa Loma and look south over Toronto and the southern, downhill length of Spadina... to its glittery, skyscaper end. It looks as if somebody cleared a wide swath of land through Toronto to make the street ­ the ‘spine of Toronto’ as the late writer Matt Cohen called it ­ and, in a way, that’s true."

Shawn Micallef, Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto, with illustrations by Marlena Zuber, Toronto: Coach House Books, Eye Weekly, 2010, 152.