a walk through texts

"When Johannes sometimes asked for permission to go out, it was usually denied him. But, on occasion his father proposed as a substitute that they walk up and down the room hand in hand. [...] The proposal was accepted and it was left entirely to Johannes to decide where they should go. Off they went then, right out the front entrance, out to a neighbouring estate or to the seashore, or simply though the streets, exactly as Johannes could have wished; for his father managed everything. While they strolled in this way up and down the floor of his room, his father told him of all they saw. They greeted other pedestrians; passing wagons made a din around them and drowned out his father's voice; the comfits in the pastry shop were more inviting than ever."

From an early work by Kierkegaard, cited in Eduard Geismer, Sören Kierkegaard (Göttingen) 1929 p.12-13