a walk through texts

"Karen and I are both fiction writers. We had many adventures together during our six weeks in Wyoming. All of them started out more-or-less true but due to our constant editorializing a few were pure fiction by dinnertime. Every few days we'd head for the hills. Our goal: to see what we could see. It helped that we didn't know where we were going. We really had to look around: Do you think this counts as a road? This could totally be a road. Are these tepee rings? If I had a tepee I'd put it right here. We noticed things: Two prairie hawks dipping and diving around the Coal Creek's dry bends, "Look, there's bird us," Karen said. We tried to blend in. When in Wyoming... We learned to wave at passing cars. Most cars that passed were trucks. Once a pickup truck slowed up and a high-cheeked man in a flat brimmed hat and a handlebar moustache leaned over his shotgun and shell case to ask us: "You walking cause you want to?" We were. But if we had been broken down somewhere he would have been our saviour."

J. R. Carpenter, "Wyoming is Haunted," Carte Blanche, Montreal, 2008.