a walk through texts

This a park board meeting - the discussion revolves around creating a park mission statement. Here they discuss the physical/mental benefits of Hickory Hill Park in Iowa City:

"... encouraging the well being of physical and mental - mind, body and spirit, if we want to go - go in that - crazy little thing - well-being - of mind, body and spirt - that's good - encouraging? well-being. enhancing? i like enhancing. enhancing, that's great. ok. would it be a mistake to move into words like contemplation? exercise? relaxation? contemplation? reflection? reflection is a nice word.

everybody could come up with a list of... these words, that they get out of it. by saying just well-being, we leave that open to - i think that's right - open to to personal interpretation. enhancement of personal well-being. overall well-being. i just rather - without getting into those touchy-feely words that - not that i'm opposed to them.

this is an interesting struggle we're having here. i don't mind using the word spiritual. i don't mind using the word spirit. it's that phrase - it connotes too much. yep. uh huh. but i think promoting well-being might be something...

which in itself has... carries meaning. it's not empty. well-being.

does anyone feel like we've lost something significant?

do we have a word processor?"

Jason Livingston, Under Foot and Overstory, (film) 2005