a walk through texts

"South of Ness Point crude stiles give place to kissing gates, hinting that civilisation is near. It is, and it takes the form of an avenue of modern villas, which could be suburbia anywhere, especially with a name like Mount Pleasant North. The real Robin Hood's Bay is found by turning left down Station Road past the car park. A narrow street with flights of steps for pedestrians now descends very steeply into a picturesque huddle of red-roofed buildings literally perched on the edge of the sea. Proceed with decorum to the bottom of the hill, to the limit of terra firma, where the tarmac ends at a shingly beach and the sea. Go forward and but your boot in the first salt-water puddle. By this ritual you will have completed a walk from one side of England to the other."

A. Wainwright, A Coast to Coast Walk: St. Bees Head to Robin Hood's Bay: A Pictorial Guide, London: Michael Joseph, 1992. (Originally published by the Westmorland Gazette, 1973).