a walk through texts

For long intervals, no buses, no cars
The end of mass
The rain starts falling again.
National Day for the Elderly: lots of people are wearing little paper badges on the collars of their coats or their raincoats: these prove that they’ve already contributed
A 63 goes by
A lady carrying a cake-box goes by (classic image of the exitings of Sunday mass effectively testified here)
Some children
Some wheeled shopping bags
A 2CV whose windshield is adorned with a caduceus, driven by an elderly gentleman, parks at the edgs of the sidewalk; the elderly gentleman comes to look for an elderly lady in the café who is drinking a coffee while reading Le Monde
An elegant woman goes by, holding, stems up, a large bouquet of flowers.
A 63 goes by
A little girl goes by, carrying two large bags of groceries
A bird settles atop a lamppost
It is noon
Gust of wind

Georges Perec, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, Trans. Marc Lowenthal, Cambridge, MA: Wakefield Press, 2010 41-42.