J R Carpenter
Plate No. 4.
A fine specimen of
cumulostratusShowing dark against the lighter cloud above
the former cloud continues discernible.
This state of things continues but a short time.
The Cloud speedily becomes denser and spreads.

illustrating the mutual attraction
of a cumulus and a
cirrostratusThe fibres subside to a horizontal
presenting the appearance of shoals of fish
distinctly extenuated towards the edge.
On this account, worthy of investigation.
In the blue sky, above, are
cirriA few threads pencilled, as it were, on the sky
increase in length as new threads are added
serving as stems to support numerous branches.
The increase is sometimes indeterminate
to the change which makes them
cirrocumulusThis change takes place throughout the whole cloud at once
accelerated by other clouds approaching.
The picture a fine evening after showers.
The digital cloud actively
erasesBoth waste and vastness derive from the Latin
vastus - desolate, but also expansive.

its own historicity; like its namesake
it constructs itself through pure fluctuation.
Clouds are ever varying, the sport of wind.