J R Carpenter
Plate No. 2.
This picture presents the commencement of cloud
mixed with objects common to a landscape.
Stratus Terrestrial stratus is linked to absence.
This is properly a cloud of the night-time,
an inundation to cover dark country.
evening mist creeping through the valley
rising to become shortly a dense
bodyFrom the clouds there fall three bodies formed
by refrigeration, water, snow, and hail.

resting with a level
surfaceA mean degree of density commonly
rests its inferior surface on water.
on the ground
possibly covering the
countryIf all the data centres constituted
a country of their own it would be the fifth
most power-hungry country in the world.
with fog.
The fog comes on cute pics of
little cat feet.

Four million feline photos are shared each day.
#lolcats track
carbon footprintsThe term The Cloud refers to a cultural fantasy.
Tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft
power their twenty-first-century clouds with
dirty nineteenth-century coal energy.
across The Cloud.
We walk on the bed of the sea of the air.