Air Holes

J. R. Carpenter
Victoria Welby
Studio XX [founded in 1996]
Maid in Cyberspace Festival [1997]
Juliet Martin - oooxxxooo
A Child's Game Confused: reading Juliet Ann Martin's oooxxxooo, by Jill Walker
Olia Liliana - My Boyfriend Came Back From the War [1996]
J. R. Carpenter - Mythologies of Landforms and Little Girls [1996]
Donna Leishman - Red Riding Hood
Caren Beilin & Jennifer Smith - Animals Are Placebos
Mary Flanagan - The House
Aya Karpinksa - open.ended
Annie Abrahams - being human
Marika Dermineur - The Keyboard
Kate Pullinger & Chris Joseph - Flight Paths: A Networked Novel
Kate Armstrong - Why Some Dolls Are Bad
Aya Karpinska - Lala
Aya Karpinska - For this we pray

Texts cited in Victoria Welby's performance:

Sheela-na-gig, song by PJ Harvey

River of Names, short story by Dorothy Allison (from Trash)

Hide and Seek, song by Ani di Franceo

Pieces of You, song by Jewel

I Write Le Body Bilingual, a love affair-e in nomad's land, essay by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood (in Re-Belle et Infidèle, la traduction comme pratique de réécriture au féminin/The Body Bilingual, translation as a rewriting in the feminine)

Mother, short story by Grace Paley (from Later the Same Day)

First-Grade Values, short story by Susie Bright (from The Maternal Is Political

My Conversation with an Anti-Porn Feminist, by Annie Sprinkle with Mae Tyme

The visual part of the performance can be seen here.

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