Lust for Life - The Prettiest Teeth

"The Prettiest Teeth" by J. R. Carpenter, Lust for Life: Tales of Sex and Love, eds. Claude Lalumière and Elise Moser, Véhicule Press, Montréal, QC, January 2006.
"The Prettiest Teeth" is a new short story by J. R. Carpenter. It's not about boys or girls or love or lust or sex or sexuality. It's really all about the teeth. Here's the opening paragraph:
"Beth Wharton sits across the aisle from me. She has the prettiest teeth in the sixth grade. My teeth are a mess. One eyetooth is misshapen and the other one never came in; one front tooth pokes through my lips if I smile, so I try not to. I try to keep my mouth shut altogether, but it's a losing battle. I can't stop myself. I crack lame joke after lame joke on the off chance that Beth Wharton will crack a smile."

Read the rest of: The Prettiest Teeth, by J. R. Carpenter

I will be reading at the Toronto and Montreal launches of Lust for Life.

The Toronto launch will take place on Saturday, February 11th in the upstairs pool room at Rivoli (334 Queen Street West) at 7:00 and will feature readings by: Nalo Hopkinson, Barry Webster, J.R. Carpenter and Harold Hoefle.

The Montreal launch will take place on Monday, February 13th at Sergeant Recruteur (4801 St-Laurent) at 8:00 and will feature readings by: Matthew Anderson, J.R. Carpenter, Tess Fragoulis, Harold Hoefle, Nairne Holtz, Neil Kroetsch, Mark Paterson, Neil Smith and Barry Webster

The Halifax launch will take place on Saturday, February 18th at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington Street) at 7:30.

According to Véhicule Press, Lust for Life is a smart, witty, and fascinating anthology celebrating the diversity of the human sexual experience. These stories are daring, playful, funny, romantic, genderbending, sensual, mysterious, and sexy, and explore and celebrate love and sex in all its forms. It includes stories from Matthew Anderson, Catherine Lundoff, Neil Kroetsch, Robin Evans, Mark Paterson, Ashok Banker, Dan Rafter, Scott D. Pomfret, Neil Smith, Tess Fragoulis, Vic Winter, Harold Hoefle, Joel Hynes, Nalo Hopkinson, Nairne Holtz, Barry Webster, Ray Vukcevich, Holly Phillips, J.R. Carpenter, Maya Stein, and Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia.

For more information about the anthology visit: Véhicule Press

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