5. "Utah while leaning out of car. Colorado is barren, Wyoming is rugged, but Utah is truly springtime in the Rockies."

Send more than words ... EVERYONE LOVES PICTURES

The text, "Send more than words ... EVERYONE LOVES PICTURES" comes from a found photo-finishing envelope, circa 1980. This marketing tag-line sounds a little hokey now, but on the other hand it eerily predicts the explosion of personal digital imaging which emerged a decade later. Before camcorders, digital cameras, email and the web, the photographic snap-shot was the way to send pictures.

This series of black and white photographs were taken by my uncle, Steve Fleishman. In June 1965 uncle Steve drove from Iowa to L. A. documenting his trip with a cracked camera and a sharp wit. He numbered and captioned the photos, sent them to his mother upon his safe arrival in L. A. and never thought of them again.

I uncovered them recently when cleaning out my grandmother's apartment.

A picture may still be worth a thousand words.

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