Knight Literary Journal


  • short story, Knight Literary Journal, Volume II
    Spout Spring Virginia, USA, April 2004.
    edited by Charles Cutter.

    An excerpt from "Bi-Coastal"
    "June sits three feet away from me. In an ocean of work, the desks form rows like waves. Every day June and I sit back-to-back, bobbing and floating on the same tides of work, gossip, frustration and change. We hear each other's phone calls. We steal each other's envelopes. We help each other with the little things - filling out expense reports, recovering disc space, and booking hotels. We are on the same coast. We speak the same language. Email washes over us in tides and gradually we are worn down: smooth and weary from weathering the storms."

    J. R. Carpenter

    This story is dedicated to Julie Gagné,
    who helped me with the little things.

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