In a much less distant past, my mother took my brother and me camping at Hubbard's Beach. We told embarrassing stories about each other to the other children at the camp site, or we pretended not to know each other, or we ran into the white waves together, chased crabs in the tidal pools, climbed the seaweed slimy rocks and poked at the primordial jellyfish that baked themselves on the sand. It was there at Hubbard's Beach, in the summer before the fourth grade, that I lost myself to a small girl in the sharp grass superstructure of the soft white sand dunes.

5. Foreshore Protection
Sea Walls, Dikes and Bulkheads are constructed along the shore line to prevent encroachment of the sea by direct wave action, and as in the case of breakwaters, may consist of looser rubble mounds or heaps of masonry wall work, usually, however, supplemented with timber, steel, or reinforced concrete sheet piling driven into the beach and strengthened by wales, guide and brace piles, fascines and mattress work held in place by piles and loaded with rock. The character of massiveness depends on the location and wave forces the work will be subject to.